Creative By Nature

What started as a hobby of fixing things around the house developed into a  love for woodworking. Creating beautiful pieces by hand while working with wood made me feel connected and resonate with my roots. 

Growing up in Kashmir and spending a lot of time with Maam Kol our family Carpenter “Chaan “ in Kashmiri.

I vividly remember him using a sawhorse, (gur, in Kashmiri) using chisels (torus), hand saw (leter), hand planes (randa), and looking down the piece of wood for its planning or smoothness with a pencil over his ear. 

I would sit in the sawdust and wood ribbons and play with them all day, sometimes Maam Kol would give me scraps of wood, nails, and a hammer to make things.


The techniques he used decades ago with hand tools passed down through generations are still practiced all around the world. I am so proud to be carrying on these same techniques today with ‘Koshur Chaan’. 


The Process & The Product

I decided to start with heirloom quality cutting boards. Each board I make has a story behind it. It is made for the individual who ordered it and not pulled from a shelf and mailed. I believe in quality and giving it a personal touch. 

The journey of the board starts with a request, after which the wood is carefully selected. I lay it on the table for a few days for ideas or inspiration, it tells me how to lay it out. After milling and crafting, it's time to finish it to the final product. I use AVA certified Vegetable-based food-grade oil sourced from within the USA from ethical vendors. The journey of sourcing the wood, milling it, laying the patterns to the final finish is satisfying and dramatic when the final product is ready. It's mere hands and craft.

I hope you choose to hold a Koshur Chaan board in your hands one day, it will not fail to make a place in your heart. 

Koshur Chaan Woodworking (51).jpg